There works a promotion "Bonus for communication" at forum of Forexpeoples portal, with the assistance of LiteForex company. Every registered user's post at forex forum ForexPeoples costs 30 cents. Every referral's posts costs 10 cents. See more here

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Thread: Rules of promotion 'Bonus for communication'

Rules of promotion 'Bonus for communication'
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    Rules of promotion 'Bonus for communication'

    Terms of bonus shares. (Version from 01.10.2016.)

    Universal portal for traders ForexPeoples sponsored by LiteForex group of companies carries out joint action "Bonus communication", which aims to - reward participants for helpful posts on the forum.

    Under the terms of shares, each user's message is estimated between 5 till 30 cents. Each message referral is estimated at 5 cents per message. The campaign on the portal competitions with the calculation of the bonus rewards for prizes, as well as for participation in the competition.

    Accumulative bonus balance (fp bonus) is displayed on the forum Text / user photos. This bonus after checking all the posts can be adjusted. The final amount of bonuses, after checking, translated at the expense of USD (displayed in the user profile on the forum) and can be transferred to the client's account when it reaches bonuses 100 USD or more.
    The bonus promotion is only available to customers fully verified company LiteForex

    The use of bonuses.

    Bonuses from the forum can only be used for Social Trading (Only for ECN Account, and Can not be use for CLASSIC Account) from the company LiteForex. To participate in the bonus shares, please log in to Social Trading service and open a duplicator account, or provider account. To login, use the login and password from the trader's office in the LiteForex company. It permits use duplicator and provider accounts.

    It is permits to use the duplicator and provider accounts, except when you are a provider or duplicator for yourselves.

    Conditions of bonuses work.

    Bonuses are not displayed and are not practiced. Displayed only profit from the use of bonuses.

    The use of bonuses is available in two versions:

    Duplicator account.

    1. Connect to your provider. (Independent Trade. but only get the profit from the duplication of transactions)
    1.1. It is necessary to open a duplicator account. (If you connect to multiple providers will need to open several duplicator accounts.)
    1.2. Connect to your provider. (but connect To own account provider is prohibited)
    1.3. Fill bonus expense. (Not less than 100 USD bonus.)
    1.4. 3 months after account refill bonuses, these bonuses will be canceled.

    Provider account.

    2. Private trade. (We sell yourself, but only get the profit from the connected duplicators)
    2.1. It is necessary to open the provider account.
    2.2. Deposit with own funds.
    2.3. Fill bonus expense. (Not less than 100 USD)
    2.4. 3 months after account refill bonuses, these bonuses will be canceled.

    Translation bonuses from online accounts in "LiteForex".

    Translation of bonuses to the account is made in the manual mode, the user after a set amount of not less than 100 USD bonus.

    Once you have the account will be the sum of USD 100 or more bonuses, you can make a request to transfer to the account of bonuses. Applications sent to the PM: Administrator, or mail: Not forbidden to collect bonuses in the profile to display.

    Duration bonuses in the accounts of 3 months, after which the bonuses are canceled, and the profits resulting from their use is accessible to a conclusion. All translations of bonus accounts are independent validity. Transfer bonuses to other persons is not allowed.

    Terms and conditions for cancellation of bonuses.

    1. Decision bonus validity of the transaction (3 months) for each replenishment period of validity of the bonus is counted separately and are not dependent on other reinforcements.
    2. Bonuses in the profile on the forum canceled after 3 months of absence of the user.
    3. Violate forum rules and bonus shares, or a violation of "LiteForex" public offer agreement.
    4. When you connect to your duplicator account, your provider account bonuses will be canceled.
    5. The bonus will be remove when profit.

    Terms of bonus shares.

    1. To participate in the bonus shares, the user need to open an account online or duplicator, provider Social Trading service. It allowed the simultaneous use of the provider and duplicator accounts. Minimum replenishment bonus for each of the account is USD 100.
    2. The amount of remuneration for one forum post is from 0.05 - 0.3 USD bonuses.
    3. Bonus transferred to the account only after submitted the Forum Administrator (in PM Administrator or mail to
    4. Profits derived from the use of bonuses in Social Trading can be derived. Bonuses are not led by the asset and void in deriving profit.
    5. Bonuses and profit from them, may be canceled or may apply a reduction factor, or the participant can be suspended from participation in the promotion, if the consequence is a violation of party rules of the bonus shares.
    6. Sponsor of this promotion "LiteForex" has the right to refuse to credit, as well as the right to cancel the previously accrued bonus as profit from them, if the customer violates the requirements of the Trading Rules documents of "LiteForex", and share bonus rules. Please note that the bonuses are owned by "LiteForex" and can be canceled at any time without notice, in case of force majeure, or on suspicion of committing the action party actions related to bonus Hunting.
    7. Bonuses for communication are not charged in the technical sections of the forum.
    8. Some groups of people are bonuses can be counted only after checking the message by moderators of the forum.
    9. On the main page of the forum, under the name of each section in which there are bonus accrual, written message for the value of the bonus.
    10. In the event that within three months, the user has not been active on the forum and did not use power-ups on the forum for the transfer to your account in the "LiteForex", the bonus money will be void.
    11. All bonuses for posts on the forum charged in the column "FP bonus". After checking the messages on the compliance with the rules of the bonus shares, bonuses transferred to the caption "USD", to which the translation is available bonuses at the expense of the Trading Rules "LiteForex".
    12. In the derivation of any amount from the account, "LiteForex" has the right to request proof of identity and other identification data to verify the profile data, in accordance with paragraph 5.13 of the public offer agreement "Customer Agreement".
    13. Requirements for the posts that we rewarded for it, are:
    13.1 Messages should be meaningful and unique.
    13.2 Messages must be a minimum length of two full lines (without the "smileys" and / or other special characters)
    13.3. The message should be written correctly, without error, in English language.
    13.4. View the following form and content are not covered:
    · Communications advertising;
    · Flood-posts;
    · Not subjected message (out of topic);
    · Messages that not carry the semantic and thematic load;
    · Messages copied from other resources (copy-paste)
    13.5. It is forbidden to incite and provoke users to violation of the rules of the bonus shares.
    13.6. Violation of any of these requirements leads to the cancellation of bonuses, with the exception of user participation in the action. In some cases, at the discretion of the administration, the correction of accrued bonus to participate in the continuation of the user action.
    14. Sponsor of bonus shares " LiteForex" reserves the right at any time to change the rules campaign "Bonus communication" as well as to reduce or increase the amount of the bonus accrued for each message user, without prior notice.
    15.Bonus resulting from violation of general rules of the forum shall be canceled and the user is excluded from the bonus shares.
    16. Bonus with FP for USD in the profile on the forum listed once a week (Thursday or Friday), in the presence of the profile of at least 10 FP bonuses.
    17. If you are communicate on the forum and at the same time you are not get bonuses, make sure that your account at LiteForex company is fully verified, and then contact the Forum Administrator (in PM Administrator or mail to Earning bonus will be activated.

    Attention ! Forum Bonus stored only 3 months! If within 3 months, the user did not come and did not communicate in forum, bonuses are canceled !!!
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