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Thread: Pulse ForexPeoples Issue №1

Pulse ForexPeoples Issue №1
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    Pulse ForexPeoples Issue №1

    Dear friends - members and guests of Forexpeoples!

    We are glad to present a new our journal - Pulse Forexpeoples!

    We will travel around the world with Pulse Forexpeoples,
    Are acquainted with the latest important events of economy and finance,
    learn trading, share experience and a lot more.

    Permanent rubrics in our Pulse Forexpeoples are Analytical Forecasts of LiteForex experts, Congratulations & Sizing up of Forum Contests, News and Announcements of LiteForex Company, PAMM-service Review of LiteForex Company.

    Pulse Forexpeoples together with you will rejoice at our common victories and pleasant surprises.

    The Pulse begins to pulsate in rhythm of ForexPeoples!

    Welcome to Pulse Forexpeoples!

    Bonus Candle contest.
    From today sizing up and results of contests will be posted here. This thread is closed.

    Sizing up & Result for Bonus Candle 06.09.2013

    Friday Daily candle 06.09.2013 was opened at 1.3119 and closed at 1.3177.

    Actual result is White 58.


    The winner of this contest is Philipp (forecast is White 33).

    Our congratulations for Philipp!

    Prize of 25$ of bonus will be added to his forum profile.

    A new weekly Bonus Candle contest 13.09.2013 is started.
    A thread of your forecast is here.
    Your forecast will be accepted till Wednesday 11.09.2013 till 24 o'clock.

    Client support at LiteForex Company acknowledged the best in Latin America

    In recent years LiteForex has been dramatically developing and expanding into other countries, opening official offices worldwide. At the same time, every effort has been made to provide all the clients with qualified support in their native languages, as a client-focused approach has always been one of LiteForex’s advantages before its competitors. The award “Best Client Service in Latin America, 2012” granted to LiteForex by the international traders’ school Tutores-FX is therefore all the more honorable, as it proves that our work in the Latin American region has not gone unnoticed. This award will be a solid foundation of LiteForex’s cooperation with Latin America and will act as a stimulus to further improvement of our service.

    LiteForex thanks all our clients for choosing LiteForex as their Forex service provider – LiteForex would have never won without their support.

    Changes in LiteForex's promotions

    Dear clients LiteForex Company,

    LiteForex’s various bonus programs have let thousands of traders receive well-deserved account bonuses. LiteForex thank you for your interest towards our promotions, but we have to announce that NDD accounts will no longer participate in them, starting from 2d September, 2013. This measure is aimed at improving the service quality and complying with ECN technologies. Up to 2d September, 2013 you have the opportunity to get bonuses for each deposit into your NDD account in accordance with the current rules. The account bonuses will be valid within 1 year from the moment of receipt, as it is stated in the promotion terms.

    New bonuses will be paid under the same conditions. To increase credit funds, just deposit more than $100.

    Please visit the “Bonuses” section on LiteForex’s official site.

    There is a possibility for people, who have own funds and want to increase it, of investing in PAMM-accounts of successful traders of LiteForex Company. LiteForex Company Monitoring, that is always renewed online, lets investors to analyse trading of a certain manager using statistic indicators of PAMM accounts and to choose the most appropriate PAMM account doe investing. One can learn conditions of profitability, manager's reward, terms of investing and other ones using a PAMM Manager's offer - agreement between trader and investor about conditions of both parties co-operation, which are accepted by investor in a moment of attaching to PAMM account.

    One PAMM account can accumulate funds of several investors, that are given trader (or company) with a purpose of profit getting and its distribution between investors. For giving funds manager, Investor, is person who wants to get profit using his funds, but does not want to trade by himself, opens an investor account at PAMM-service, where he can see his profit in real-time mode and deposit of withdraw funds for investing. From the investor's accounts funds are invested into chosen PAMM-account of a certain manager - trader, who will trade using investor's funds. Investor can choose one or several managers for investing.

    One must remember during investing in PAMM-service that Forex market is a high risk type of investing. All risks are distributed among investor and manager proportionally to their own funds at a certain PAMM-account.

    USD/СAD: wave analysis and forecast for 09.09 – 13.09: Probability of growth in the pair is still conserved

    Estimated pivot point is at the level of 1.0270.

    Our opinion: Buy the pair on the pullbacks above the level of 1.0270 with the target of 1.07.

    Alternative scenario: Breakout of the level of 1.0270 will enable the pair to continue decline and will cancel expected growth scenario.

    Analysis: Presumably, the fifth wave 5 of (c) is being formed. The fourth wave 4 of V is nearing completion. If this assumption is true, the pair will continue growth after the completion of the fourth wave.



    USD/CHF: Wave analysis and forecast for 09.09 – 13.09: Formation of upward correction. The pair is likely to decline.

    Estimated pivot point is at the level of 0.9500.

    Our opinion: Wait for the completion of correction and sell in the event of confirmative factors.

    Alternative scenario: Breakout and consolidation above the level of 0.9500 will enable the pair to continue growth up to the level of 0.9750.

    Analysis: Presumably, the third wave is being formed. At the moment it is not excluded that formation of the ascending correction as the second wave 2 of iii is nearing completion in the form of irregular flat correction. If this assumption is true, the reversal and start of decline may take place near the level of 0.95.



    EUR/USD: Wave analysis and forecast for 09.09 – 13.09: Downtrend continues; possible local correction.

    Estimated pivot point is at the level of 1.3450.

    Our opinion:
    In the short-term – buy the pair above the level of 1.31 with the target of 1.33.
    In the medium-term – wait for the completion of the ascending correction and sell with the target of 1.28.

    Alternative scenario: Breakout of the level 1.3450 will enable the pair to continue growth up to the level of 1.36 and above.

    Analysis: Presumably, the third wave of the flat correction abc of b of X has completed. The formation of the first wave of the new downtrend in the wave с of X has almost completed. The local ascending correction as the second wave 2 of C is possible.



    GBP/USD: Wave analysis and forecast for 09.09 – 13.09: Uptrend has completed, the pair is likely to decline.

    Estimated pivot point is at the level of 1.5426.

    Our opinion:
    In the short-term – buy the pair above the level of 1.5426 with the target of 1.58.
    In the medium-term – wait for the completion of growth and sell after reversal.

    Alternative scenario: Breakdown of the level of 1.5426 will abolish current scenario and enable the pair to continue decline down to the levels of 1.52 – 1.51.

    Analysis: Presumably, formation of the large-scale flat correction in the second wave is being completed. At the moment formation of the fifth wave of the uptrend in the wave С of 2 is nearing completion.



    USD/JPY: Wave analysis and forecast for 09.09 – 13.09: ascending correction completed, the pair is likely to decline.

    Estimated pivot point is at the level of 100.21.

    Our opinion: Sell the pair below the level of 100.21, with the target of 97.0 – 96.0.

    Alternative scenario: Breakout of the level of 100.21 will enable the pair to continue growth to the level of 102.0.

    Analysis: Presumably, the ascending correction in the second wave ii of 3 has completed and the third wave is being formed.



    Hi. The first week of the month is over. There were added only 2 new PAMM-accounts during the last week, there is a certain slackening, possibly it can be explained by the beginning of a school year and associated with it any cares of clients. Actually there were no serious events during this week.

    Week profit TOP10.


    Profit - trade [110291] is a week profit champion, 7 days profit is 89%. Generally last week was quiet.

    Total profit TOP10.


    TOP10 by total profit had also no serious changes. A leader Progressive [103129] reached a new historical maximal value of profitability last week - value of 1746%, But he could not fix it. His account got DD on Friday during the news release and orders were closed with -15% of losses. Actually situation is still under control, but there are some opened orders at this accounts and deposit load is quite high, higher than 30%. We'll see the situation during the next week. All other TOP members shown positive results of profitability during last week, and generally everything looks quite well.

    Equity TOP10.


    Equity TOP10 of PAMMs grew by $20 000, total amount of funds at 10 biggest accounts is $439 685. Amount of accounts with funds more than 1000$ grew till 74 accounts, total equity is $708 322. Week growth is about 10%.

    In the end I want to pay your attention to some accounts, indicators of which are not so impressive like leaders have, but what about stability of trading this traders show quite perfect results. This is also quite serious indicator.


    This account age is about 100 days, current profit is 173%, restore factor is 8.2, deposit load is not more than 10%.


    Age of this account is 8 months, current profit is 67%, restore factor is 7.4, deposit load is not more than 4%.


    Age of account is about 8 months, current profit is 29%, restore factor is 6.6, deposit load is not more than 4%.

    Investors that in the first place look for safety of their funds, not for adrenalin, should to look closely at these managers.

    Note please that all information here is only a viewpoint, not a rule to follow it. All questions you can post here.

    See you soon, dear users, in next issue.
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