There works a promotion "Bonus for communication" at forum of Forexpeoples portal, with the assistance of LiteForex company. Every registered user's post at forex forum ForexPeoples costs 30 cents. Every referral's posts costs 10 cents. See more here

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Thread: Referral Promotion

Referral Promotion
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    Referral Promotion

    Dear participants!

    ForexPeoples Portal presents a Referral Program
    You will earn a bonus of ten cents extra for each post by the invited Referral.

    Rules and conditions:

    1. Crediting is made for the Referrals posts in the following sections:
    a) Traders Forum (except for the section: Free communication and ForexTools)
    b) Forum for beginners (all sections)
    c) Forum on Payment Systems (all sections)
    d) Brokers Forum (all sections and subsections).

    2. Post of the Referral shall contain not less than 200 characters (two full lines.)

    3. Post of the referral comes under the rules applied for the Promotion 'Bonus for communication' and in the event of noncompliance, the message can be deleted or hidden and bonuses for such posts will be revoked.
    4. At the end of each month referral posts will be checked for the compliance with the rules of the promotion 'Bonus for communication' and in case of noncompliance, bonus accruals for such posts will be revoked.

    Yours sincerely,
    ForexPeoples Portal Administration
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